B i o g r a p h y

Founded in 1974 by former musical director Dr John Casey, Guitarstrophe! has become the world benchmark for both large guitar ensembles, and musical youth groups alike. Consisting of highschool and tertiary students, ranging from age 14 to 25, and with diverse cultural backgrounds, Guitarstrophe!  aims to bring together eager young guitarists with the common goal of performing challenging repertoire at an exceptional standard.

Guitarstrophe! has performed both nationally and internationally, touring Darwin, the UK, Germany and New Zealand. The ensemble has taken part in numerous acclaimed festivals, such as The Darwin International Guitar Festival, The Calderdale Guitar Festival in Manchester and the World Youth Guitar Festival in Winchester. The ensemble performs in the WA Classical Guitar Festival annually, as well as typically giving two concerts a year. 


Following the retirement of Dr John Casey in 2010, long-time Guitarstrophe! member Caroline Binsted has taken up the baton and has been dedicated to upholding the standard of the ensemble. 

Guitarstrophe! has introduced a level of musicianship and refinement to the guitar ensemble idiom which has for a long time been regarded as unattainable by musicians of all persuasions, including guitarists.

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